WHY we do what we do (aka Vision, Mission, Values) 

To help others find and unleash their inner ‘gold’ and Emerge as Champions.

Who We Are 

ProLaureate is a Leadership Development Firm.

Our foundation for success is built on a passion and love of the work we do and the clients we serve.  We have created a unique and profound approach to personal and professional development that strengthens organizations and develops dynamic, effective leaders.

Our depth and breadth of experience, knowledge and understanding of people, teams and organizations are at the heart of our approach and processes to create positive change and drive the sustainable success of both the individual and the organization.


What We Believe

“Success is the continual achievement of your own predetermined goals, stabilized by balance, and purified by belief.”

  • Our belief is that people are their own, and an organization’s, greatest asset.

  • Our business is maximizing that asset for organizational and individual success.

  • Our passion is helping create and build successful businesses and prosperous lives.

  • Our focus is developing people, and creating collaborative, results-based organizational cultures where continuous improvement, goal achievement, higher levels of achievement and success – prevail.

  • Our purpose is to enrich the lives and businesses of all those we touch and to build relationships based on trust, authenticity, respect, and an unwavering commitment to helping others achieve extraordinary success

Our Values

  • PASSION – We are living our purpose and living on purpose.  We are passionate about helping others to find their best ‘self’; their inner champion; and fulfilling their vision.

  • CREDIBILITY - We walk our talk.  We do what we say we will do.  We keep our promises.  We over deliver… every time.  We are dedicated to life-long learning to constantly learn, grow and be the best we can be – and helping our clients to do the same.

  • INTEGRITY- When no one is watching – and when they are, we do the right thing.  When it would be easier to cut a corner, we never do.  We make our decisions in the best interest of our clients and colleagues, not what is easiest, fastest or most profitable.  It’s not about us – it’s about them.

  • AUTHENTICITY - We are the real deal.  We are our genuine selves – with our colleagues, clients, friends, families, the community and the world.  We know what we do best in the world and we are dedicated to doing it.  We will not hesitate to say “I don’t know”, or, “that’s not our area of expertise”.  In the next breath we will say, “but I will find out”, or, “I will help you find that person or persons who are experts in that area”. 

  • LISTEN - We listen more than we talk.  We love to know other’s stories – the victories, challenges and dreams.  We ask a lot of questions.  We want to learn more and understand more – to help others become the best they can be.

  • COMPASSION - We seek to understand.  We are empathetic and compassionate.  We encourage the heart and enable others to act on their dreams, vision and goals.

Our Work

Achieving our own definition of extraordinary success and happiness is a common, but elusive, goal for many. It has been said that we are ‘our own worst enemies’… that we get in our own way.

Self-doubt, lack of confidence, sometimes just not having the right awareness, attitude, tools and knowledge create the self-inflicted pitfalls that keep us stuck in mediocrity… and stop us just short of extraordinary.

We work with you to give you the tools you need to step into ‘extraordinary’ – and to emerge as the Champion of your life and career.

Our programs and our people are unique and profound.

Our approach is dynamic and genuine.

We want to help you create your success; strengthen your organization and develop dynamic, effective leaders.


Our Principles

  • The Golden Rule 

  • Hedgehogs
    We do not boastfully move through the world.  We know our purpose, our vision and our direction.  We quietly, and consistently, let our actions speak louder than our words – with the best interest of others at the heart of all we do.

  • Professional Champions
    We believe each of us is our own best Champion.  We are dedicated to helping others discover and develop their inner leader and step up to emerge as a champion.

  • A+
    We give everyone we meet an A+.  And help them fulfill it.

  • Every day
    We look for old friends to meet for the first time.

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